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Faculty of Physics and Technology

The Faculty of Physics and Technology is one of the oldest at the university. Today it comprises six departments that provide both fundamental and applied training in the following specialties:

Training direction 6.040203 — “Physics”

Specialty: “Physics”


  • Nanophysics
  • Computer Physics
  • Teaching Physics and Informatics

Training direction 6.040204 — “Applied Physics”

Specialty: “Applied Physics (Radio Physics and Electronics)”


  • Hardware Data Protection
  • Optoelectronics and Laser Technology

Training direction 6.050.101 — “Computer Science”

Specialty: “Artificial Intelligent Systems”


  • Programming
  • System Administration
  • Specialty: “Computer Eco-economical Monitoring”

Training direction 6.051001 — “Metrology and Information Measuring Technology”

Specialty: “Metrology and Information Measuring Technology”

Training direction 6.170101 — “Information and Communication Systems Security”

DSC_0133_2.jpgThe faculty offers Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s programmes as well as postgraduate studies.

Over its history the faculty has prepared 28 PhD, 147 Candidates of Science, more than 250 Masters, 4500 Specialists and 900 Bachelors.

Traditionally training and research bases for the faculty students were provided by Donetsk Institute of Physics and Technology of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (70% of its employees are graduates of the faculty), Scientific and Research Institute of Integrated Automation and Regional Centre of Metrology, Standartisation and Certification.

Some of the graduates continue their education at the postgraduate level at the leading research institutes of Ukraine, which maintain close relationship with the faculty. Among them there are Kyiv National Technical University, T.G. Shevchenko Kyiv National University, as well as the leading scientific and educational establishments of the world, such as Charles University (Czech Republic, Prague), University of Cambridge (UK), Lomonosov Moscow State University, Institute of Solid State Physics (Poland, Warsaw), New York University (United States, New York ), the Royal University of Technology (Sweden) and others.

fiziko-technicheski fakultet.jpgSome of the faculty graduates successfully work at the leading research centres overseas. A. Lisyansky is the Chair of the Department of Physics at Queens College (the City University of New York, USA), V. Koretsky is a professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), V. Kruglyak is a Senior Lecturer in Physics at the University of Exeter (UK), V. Melikhov is a researcher at the University of Chicago (USA), Y. Genenko is a scientific research associate at the University of Cambridge (UK).

Our graduates head projects and take part in their development virtually at all the leading companies of the world: IBM, Samsung, Nokia, Sony etc.